Thursday, October 27, 2011

Indra's Gios Compact

It's been more than a month since our last post! What better way to start things off again than introducing another finished project rolling out of our shop. Yes, OUR shop. But it's another story for another time, so stick around!
This Italian classic belongs to Eddy Indra, one of the few young lads with taste on steel bicycles and know how to use the most of them. He wanted to have a nice bicycle to be used as a daily driver, and this Gios just fits.

We previously built Indra a nice Leader 722RS with Shimano 105 5700 group and Velocity Aerohead wheels. Since the 722RS is a bit oversized, when he found this already chromed 49cm Gios Compact online, he immediately sold the RS to get his hands on it.

Gios Compact frames were originally built from either Columbus SL, SLX, Oria Ranf, and (get this) Vitus GTi tubings on late '80s. This particular frame were built around 1988, so it's still got SLX tubings on them since Gios switched to Oria Ranf from 1989 to 1991. Gios Compact Pro models are still featured on the production line until now.
The classic Compact frames have some distingushing features such as fluted fork legs, fastback seat cluster and a pair of adjustable rear dropout.

This frame originally came with internally-routed rear brake cable, so there is a suspicion that the toptube had been replaced by the previous owner.
At first glance, people always thought that the legs are dent. It's fluted, people.
The dropout was set all the way back to give room for the 700 x 25c Vittoria Zaffiro II tires.
The Shimano 105 5700 group installed here came from Indra's previous 722RS. Unfortunately, on his way to our shop (ahem!) to strip his 722RS Indra collided with a motorcycle and a car. The crash totaled his shifter, so a pair of new 105 shifters are installed. The clamp-on mount 5700 front derailer also replaced with a braze-on mount Ultegra 6600. Another brand new part is the Italian thread 5600 bottom bracket.

I knew I should get better pedals for photo sessions.

The cockpit section is a mix between Italian and Japanese featuring Cinelli Vai 400mm dropbar wrapped in cork tapes, Nitto Pearl 100mm stem and Tange Levin NJS headset.

If you think that this Compact will only be ridden to school on a daily basis, think again. With its nimble handling and stiff chassis, expect this bicycle to be raced on oncoming criteriums. Nice ride, Son!

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