Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wheelbuild: Formula to Velocity Aerohead O/C

Ever since I saw one on an old Ritchey catalogue, I've always wanted to build a rear wheel using off-centered rim. An off-centered rim, or offset rim, means the spoke holes are placed a little to the left from rim's centerline, so that the angle formed by the spokes, or spoke dishing, are equal on both sides of the rim. This creates a more uniform spoke tension between the drive and non-drive sides of the wheel resulting in greater strength and reliability. Off-centered rims solved problems commonly found on rear multispeed hubs, since the drive side flange on these hubs are offset to the left to provide room for cassette or cog cluster, the tension on drive side spokes are higher.
As an addition to their popular Aerohead model, Velocity also offers the off-centered version, the Aerohead O/C.

As you can see here, the angles formed by the non-drive and drive side spokes are equal. Also note how the spoke holes are offset to the left, the non-drive side. We managed to use uniform length 290mm Richman double-butted stainless spokes on both sides of the rim, tied with Entity aluminum nipples. It is laced as easy as any ordinary front wheel, no special techniques required.

Now the story. When we acquired this Formula cartridge bearing hubset a while back and Rocket Company have some Velocity Aerohead OCs in stock, I know that I have to lace the rear hub to that rim. Alas, I was too late since they flew off the shelf so quickly. But when Indra, the owner of these wheels, asked me to built his Leader 722RS (the first in Indonesia, we reckon) and said that he already have Aerohead OC ready to be built, I just have to offer him these hubs to fulfill my prophecy. The rest is shown on these pictures.

Whoops. We just spill a few about our upcoming project. Stay tune or subscribe to our feed to find out more about Indra's 105-equipped 722RS.

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