Thursday, May 19, 2016

Wheelbuild: Old Meets New

Over the years of wheelbuilding business we've stumbled upon one particular rim that seems to be a favourite for many applications: H Plus Son's TB-14. We've built them into e-commuter, track, gravel-grinding, and even recently, cyclocross wheels. This time, we built them into a nice set of road wheels. A special one on that matter.

The story began when we received a message asking to purchase spokes in specific length. Since we have a spoke threading machine at hand we fancy ourselves for being able to provide any spoke length ever required, as long as they're plain-gauge, non-butted spokes. Eventually we didn't just provide the spokes; the hubs and rims were sent to our shop to be build.

The hubs are a pair of Campagnolo Chorus from the late eighties. It features low flange design, threaded freewheel mount, cup-and-cone bearings and 100/126mm hub spacing. They are to be built into a pair of polished TB-14, each with 36 plain gauge stainless spokes in 3-cross pattern.

The wide profile of the rims will spread the tires a bit more, creating wider footprint compared to narrower rims which will lead into better traction on the corners. Welded rim joint will make a bombproof wheel, and the high polish finish really brings out the classic feel.

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