Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Here Comes The Boss

Frequent visitors might already knew that besides working as mechanic at Pancalen Cycles I also designed frames for Pias Cycles. So far I have three Pias frame designs under my belt. You've probably seen the road and cyclocross frames before, now let me talk you through the redesign I've done to the frame that put Pias Cycles on the map, the Agra.

Introduced in 2010, the then unnamed Pias track frame quickly took the Indonesian fixed gear scene by the storm. It become the first track-inspired urban bicycle frame that was fully developed in Indonesia. Featuring classic lined 4130 chromoly tubing and 1" threaded chromoly fork, the frame took the track bike inspired styling and combined it with urban environment friendly geometry.
In 2012 the need for a frame with more aggressive handling arise, so Pias Cycles redesigned the fork with shorter offset length to sharpen the handling.
2013 saw me working together with Pias Cycles to design the Scarab. We then took this cooperation even further after seeing the market shifted to frames with much more aggressive handling, closely resembling true track frame geometry. We retain the classic tubing and 1" threaded chromoly fork and came up with parallel steep angled, square geometry with short wheelbase that would look familiar to the classic track frame aficionados.
We also beefed up the dropout, adding thickness to the axle nut contact area. We then decided to give the frame—and all the track frames before it—the name Agra, which translates to "the beginning" in Sanskrit.

This particular Agra belong to the bossman himself, Andira Pramanta. Combining all-black components to blend in with the frame's black-with-rainbow-sparkle finish—which we called Intergalactic Black—the build is entirely discreet with only emphasis on gumwall Pasela tires and, white Selle Italia X1 saddle and Cinelli toe straps.

Wheels are debadged Velocity Deep-Vs laced to Phil Wood high flange track hubs.
Here you see how the dropout works with common track axle nut. A Dura Ace hub, for this matter.

Sugino 75 crank arms connects Andira's legs to the rear wheel.
Notice the chainring? It's another project where I am involved at, also as a designer. Follow @thesakraproject on Instagram to find out more.

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