Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Wheelbuild: Chris King R45 to Reynolds Attack Carbon Clincher

Some people prefers building their wheels from scratch, but it's much simpler for people to bought factory-built wheels, especially when the said wheels are packed with latest technology like proprietary spoke designs and such. And some people went along the way by customizing their factory-built wheels with components that better suits their needs.

Karesna Kamdani decided to build a set of wheel that serves him as an all-rounder. He sent us a pair of stripped-off Reynolds Attack rims and a beautiful set of Chris King R45 hubs with Campagnolo freehub body. Karesna told us that the matching orange scheme was purely intentional. All came in matching spoke hole count, so all we have to do is provide him with custom-cut Richman double-butted spokes and of corse, wheelbuilding service.

The front wheel is built in radial pattern, to keep things lightweight. The rear is built in half-radial pattern to cope with pedalling force, but we did it differently from Attack's factory-built pattern: radial in left flange and 2-cross in the drive side flange, instead of 3-cross. The hidden spoke nipples design are quite a challenge, but they're done perfectly. Look closer and you'll found the Pancalen Treatment: tire valve hole aligned to the label on the hub body.

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