Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pratama Radityo's 3Rensho Track

It seems like the NJS (Nihon Jitensha Shinkokai) craze is starting to gained momentum again, at least in Jakarta. Most NJS afficionados will try to maintain the purity of their Keirin-veteran bikes up to the NJS-sanctioned tubular tires, while some people who take their NJS frames on a daily basis will throw in just any parts that will suit their needs.

Conceived and created by Yoshi Konno, the name "San Rensho" (3 Victories) commemorates the feat of a keirin rider ranking first on 3 consecutive days of racing (qualifying heats, semi-finals and finals). It did not happen often in Keirin racing.
Learned his craft unbrazing Cinelli frames acquired after the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, Konno would go on to design his own proprietary fittings and run a busy factory with 6 apprentices, including Masahiko Makino and Koichi Yamaguchi. Konno mostly acted as shop supervisor and promoter. His genius however did present itself in the variety of experimental frames and fittings he designed and built. This variety is why it is often challenging to identify a ‘model’ of 3Rensho.
Sadly, in 1995 Konno was paralyzed from the neck down in a car accident. No more new 3Rensho frames was built ever since.

Dadit, as the owner used to called, decided that his 3Rensho will be built as a daily driver with threadless carbon Wound Up fork and clincher wheels. Some NJS parts did present though, such as the Superbe crank arms from the now-defunct Suntour mated to Sugino Aero Mighty chainring and Nitto seatpost.

Phil Wood labels could be found on the bottom bracket and the rear hub mated to Araya clincher rim. The front wheel is Mavic Ellipse, spinning underneath Gamoh Porteur rack. Yes purists, you might as well turn your heads elsewhere.

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