Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Wheelbuild: Campagnolo Everything

It's been quite a while since we feature a track wheelbuild here. Not that we no longer deal with them, mind you—they still popped on every once in a while on our mechanic's Instagram—but more than often they are brought home before we have a chance to snap a picture or two. This time, we're working with a build that stayed just enough for a photo session and parts worthy for a feature to boot.

Personally low-flange track hubs are our all time favourite, even though they're somehow rarely found here in our homeland. Combined with low or medium profiled rims they're visually light, and with proper tensioning they can be built as stiff as possible. Case on point is this set of wheels that belongs to Andy Lie.

Just as the case of many wheelbuilds featured here we're only dealing with the build aspect; all the parts are brought in by the customers themselves. The wheels are actually came in fully built, but a shipment handling mishap and the fact that the rear wheel was laced incorrectly prompted Andy to have us rebuilt them. Here the ingredients are spot on: low flange Campagnolo Record Pista front and single sided rear track hub.

The rims are also from Campagnolo. Following their tradition of naming rims after Greek alphabet and Olympic Games hosting cities (and wheels after wind), the pair used here is called Montreal '76. But these are their new version that differs quite a lot from the original Montreal that was introduced during the '90s—specifically rim width, machined sidewalls and taller profile. The rims are laced with Wheelsmith double-butted spokes in three-cross pattern. Topping off the build is a beautifully machine cog from Ananta Taiwan.

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