Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Irfan "Ippe" Wahyudi's Scarab

Pias Cycles' Scarab project is considered as a success. We managed to sold the limited batch of 100 framesets, and preparing ourselves to produce the second batch with some improvements here and there. Since now there were plenty of them roaming the streets, how do you make your Scarab stands out in the crowd? In Irfan "Ippe" Wahyudi's case, he simply have his repainted.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Family Affair: 3-speed 1955 Phillips

Resurrect a classic? Eh, why not. While purists may scoff to the idea of repainting rusty old frames without restoring them into original state, the main idea is to breathe new life to them, make them rideable for at least a couple decades more—instead of creating another museum piece that we're too afraid to ride.

This project is special. Not only because it's the oldest bicycle that we've ever worked on, but also becuse this 1955 Phillips has been a part of our family since forever.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Thank You, Bicycle: A Video by Lars Veestra

"Riding bikes has also brought me pure happiness like I haven't found anywhere else. And yeah, crashing. But hey, falling down and getting up again, just a part of life isn't it?"

Peugeot, Resurrected

Call it a fad, but one cannot argue that the fixed gear craze that spread throught the globe like wildfire during the end of the last decade successfully brought people's attention back to bicycles. Taking cues from the bicycle messenger culture, people started buying decommissioned track frames to be used on the streets. Others simply dig through their barns, storages, or attics for old steel road frames, which are later to be built as fixed gear bikes.

Friday, March 6, 2015

One-Off Magenta Scarab

You've probably seen the Pias Scarab in its multiple incarnations, as interpreted by so many different owners. To be honest, it's fun watching this: serve your creation as a blank canvas, and let people have fun building it to suit their needs, and then ride them hard. But just how far can you custom-build a Scarab? Here's a nifty example.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Mixte Migunani

Utilitarian bikes, can't have enough of them. While online galleries are packed full with beautiful road bikes and mountain bikes, we must remember that one of the undoubted purpose of a bicycle is to carry a person—and also his/her goods for that matter—from point A to B. These purpose built bikes can be beautiful in their own ways.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Late Post: Our Baluran Trip

“Keep straight ahead, Sir. We’re in the middle of the forest, out of nowhere, it’s impossible to miss the signage for the entrance gate.”

It's been a while since I post something on this blog. Let's first catch up with what we've post before this: our trip to Baluran, May 2014.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

PIAS Scarab, in Adventure Mode!

With a couple holidays stacked in one week ahead of us in Indonesia, a perfectly timed leave of absence could give you one full week of day offs. Well, in my case, it's simply a matter of getting a permission from my wife and kids. She said I really need a vacation, so permission granted. Thank you, dear. I love you.
Never before veering into bicycle adventuring, I'm about to bit the bullet and go bike camping instead. With the company of good guys from PIAS Cycles (that makes two other guys other than yours truly) and a couple of good friends from Singapore, we'll be heading for Baluran National Park in East Java.
I'll be riding The Archangel, my PIAS Scarab. No major modification was made, other than custom rear rack made in Surabaya (a loaner) and a sample 33mm Vee Tire Co. CXV, um, tire on the front... was put there for magazine review purpose. Pannier bags are Vincita B060, also a loaner.
For updates, catch on the #ballerinbaluran hasthtag on Instagram!