Saturday, August 1, 2015

From St. Etienne to Jakarta, via London

At Pancalen Cycles, we believe that bicycles have their own personalities. The large number of people who named their bicycles rest us assured that we're not the only ones who personifies these two-wheeled, human powered machines. When we talk about aged bicycles, they didn't only have their own personalities; they have their own life stories. And this is where things got interesting.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pias Cycles Peregrine Prototype

On Pias Cycles, we have a thing for steel. It's our material of choice to make our frames: let's face it, it's been with us way longer than any other bicycle-making materials available. I can wax on nostalgic thoughts about it's riding characteristics and stuffs, but to make things short: we just love to ride properly designed steel frames.
Because people are making steel frames for as long as we can remember, a couple things comes to mind. For instance, how can we improve it? Can we incorporate modern features using the humble steel that we all know and love? Can we do that while retaining the proven classic design lines that we all adore?
Enter our fun little project, the Pias Peregrine.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Woof Jakarta: Pias Devat x Paskalis Kunang

A couple years back, Pias Cycles ran a very limited batch of aluminium frame that we called the Devat. A tribute to our all time favorite track frame, the 90's Cannondale Track, the Devat frame took a couple design inspirations such as the 1" threaded fork/headtube combo and the mahoosive downtube.

Kevin Oei, one of the few people who ordered the Devat, sent his frame to Paskalis "Mr. Kumkum" Kunang, a designer and artist who lived in Bandung. He's done a fantastic bone-themed free-handed artwork on this frame. I'm trying to find any bone-related jokes to wrote here, but I just can't came up with anything that sounds humerus.
Okay, I'll show myself out. But before that, check out Gibranos' photos of this Pias Devat on his website.

Wheelbuild: Stan's Notubes Grail to Hope Pro 2 Evo

Being a small operation, we're not blessed with massive parts inventory. While we can source parts to suit your specific needs, if you want to have your wheels built as soon as we can, we're limited with what we've already have in shop. But sometimes, when the stars are aligned and the moon shines unobstructed by the clouds, we met with customers who brought in their own parts to be built. This is one of the examples.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Born Again Peugeot

Sometimes, postponing something can be good for you. There are times when we wanted to start a project just for fun, neglect the project many moons or even years later, then came up with a total different direction for it. We can draw similarity from said metaphor to Rimba Patria and his Peugeot that we just recently built.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Wheelbuild: Xero CXR6 Rims to Rotaz Hubs

The story began when I found a set of secondhand Xero Lite CXR6 wheels during my random late night wandering at Bukalapak. Since this complete set of entry level 10-speed road wheels only costs me less than one million rupiahs, or about US$75, I figured out it's a bargain.
Being the weight-conscious person as always, I weighed them as soon as they arrived. The front and rear wheel clocked in at 950 grams and 1180 grams respectively. Even heavier than my 32-spoked daily driver, Novatec A291SL/F482SB laced to Alex Race 24 rims (830/990 grams respectively). The good thing is that the CXR6 rims are wider than Race 24, and the low spoke count (20/24) makes them a rather nice set of rims to play about.
As one of my good buddy said, it's better to regret buying something rather than regretting the decision of not buying it. Surely there is something I can do about this.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Irfan "Ippe" Wahyudi's Scarab

Pias Cycles' Scarab project is considered as a success. We managed to sold the limited batch of 100 framesets, and preparing ourselves to produce the second batch with some improvements here and there. Since now there were plenty of them roaming the streets, how do you make your Scarab stands out in the crowd? In Irfan "Ippe" Wahyudi's case, he simply have his repainted.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Family Affair: 3-speed 1955 Phillips

Resurrect a classic? Eh, why not. While purists may scoff to the idea of repainting rusty old frames without restoring them into original state, the main idea is to breathe new life to them, make them rideable for at least a couple decades more—instead of creating another museum piece that we're too afraid to ride.

This project is special. Not only because it's the oldest bicycle that we've ever worked on, but also becuse this 1955 Phillips has been a part of our family since forever.