Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Urban Pursuit

Track cycling aficionados are familiar with pursuit-styled track frames. Mainly designed for pursuit events, the most noticeable feature on these frames is the forward-sloping toptube. This feature is achieved by shortening the headtube length that further lowers the cockpit height, which leads to more aero riding position needed to complete the pursuit races.
With the popularity of urban fixed gear riding getting on the rise, some bicycle manufacturers brought the pursuit-styled frames back to the market; one of them is Affinity, with their Lo Pro model.

The Lo Pro is the first model that Affinity launched in 2007 as a niche bicycle company in Brooklyn, New York City.  One of the brand's claim to fame was when their Metropolitan frame being used as the star for the movie Premium Rush. This Lo Pro, owned by Avezine Budiono, is one of the oldest Affinitys that survived the first demise of the fixed gear scene.

The Lo Pro came out from the factory equipped with 1" threadless steerer. This one was brought to our shop to be converted into threaded steerer and rebuild job for both wheels.

Ayahab = reversed spelling of bahaya, Indonesian for "danger"
We use new silver plain gauge stainless spokes to lace the existing Novatec hubs to Araya SA-730 rim at the rear and an unidentified double walled front rim. To keep things relevant with the current fashion the widest handlebar available in 1" bar clamp diameter was installed, topped off with Cult x Vans grips.

With selection of quality components and some adequate attitude, this Lo Pro becomes the urban pursuit bicycle that this city deserves.

More spoof stickers. Have fun finding out what "nggedabrus" means, it's Javanese.

Yes, it says "Fuk Brakes", Ma'am

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