Saturday, May 7, 2016

First Experiences are Unforgettable

When was the last time your did something for the first time? That was probably the kind of questions you'll find on self-help books or motivational memes your friends posted on Facebook. But in our case, it was a couple months ago (yes, call this a #latepost if you will, since it's been three months since the last time we updated our blog) when Themma Suwandana dropped boxes of parts for his dream bike.

Ever the enthusiastic person, Themma told us how he spent years to collect parts to build his ultimate BMX bike; Cult OS V3 frame, Cult Sect V2 fork, and parts from Cult and Animal Bikes. While being picked mainly for durability, the fact that all the parts are nicely colour-coordinated is visually pleasing.

One common thing for many boys is that they have what we called as BMX-phase—that era during the elementary school when they are graduated from their 12"/16" wheelers but still too small for adult-sized bicycles, so their parents bought them 20" BMX (or BMX-styled) bikes. The thing is though, our resident mechanic skipped this phase; being introduced late to the two-wheeled bicycle party at age seven, he went on straight to 26" mountain bikes after graduated from his first 16"wheeled bicycle.
We've built a couple BMX wheels before, so we know a thing or two about what makes a bombproof wheel. But building a BMX bike from a ground up... this is actually our first time (read "skipped BMX phase" on previous paragraph). So when Themma asked us to do so, it's both an honour and also a challenge.

The wheelbuild is straightforward, lacing Cult Match rims to Animal Bikes Javelin front hub and Cult Match LHD rear hub with Animal Bikes plain gauge stainless spokes in 3-cross pattern. Themma specifically chose the Rasta-inspired rear hub as the visual turning point of the entire build. The wheels are then shod in Cult Chase Dehart signature tires, building the base for the black-brown/tan theme.

We've worked with press-fit bottom brackets before, but dealing with tight clearances on a Mid-type BMX bottom bracket is a whole new game for us. Thankfully, we managed to install the Cult OS three-piece tubular crank with no drama whatsoever and installed the Animal Bikes M5 sprocket on the left-hand side—also our first left-hand drive build.

The rest of the build is a straightforward affair, continuing the black-brown/tan theme on the saddle, grips, and pedals. The Sect V2 fork is equipped with internally-threaded steerer so the topcap is screwed all the way down, negating the need for an anchor nut.

Being a skilled rider that Themma is, it is very likely that these photos are the only pictures of this BMX in its clean, fresh state. But as always, we appreciate bicycles in their beausaged stage.

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