Monday, February 22, 2016

Wheelbuild: Double Trouble

We're often asked to do rim swaps. Usually the client wanted to switched the hubs or rims of their recent wheelset, whether to drop some weight or to upgrade from the factory, vendor-sourced stock hubs. But in this particular case, we stumbled upon something entirely different. As the certain Team Rocket once said, prepare for trouble, and make it double...

Long story short, the owner of these two pairs of high-end wheels wanted to swap both their hubs. The first one was a pair of ENVE Composites SES 6.7 laced to White Industries T11, the other was a pair of Gokiso Climber 50mm tubular wheels; all of them means business. The owner wanted to combine the Gokiso's smooth rolling, micro-suspension hubs with the ENVE's wind-cheating yet lightweight rim, and having another nice set of aero wheels as the result. Challenge accepted.

Since the dimensions of both hub and rim pairs are completely different, the original spokes cannot be reused. For the Gokiso-ENVE combo the owner brought us a set of Sapim CX-Ray spokes, we laced them in 2-cross pattern for the rear wheel, and radial for the front.

The stock Gokiso rims cannot be considered as leftover either, since they're laced to the T11 hubs with brand new Sapim Leader and DT Swiss Competition spokes. They make a nice pair of aero wheels as well.

These two high-end wheels surely demands extra attention, but eventually we managed to pull them off nicely. So, not much of a trouble then.

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