Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Wheelbuild: Long Live The King

In the age where people treat their wheels as consumables, it is easy to see why a lot of people prefers to buy a ready-to-ride, factory built set of wheels. You'll find them in a wide choice range to suit your pursuit of lightness/stiffness, or to match your budget.
But sometimes some people would like to take their factory built wheels even further.

You'll never doubt Easton as the maker of all things composite for multiple sport disciplines: cycling is one of them. While their EC (Easton Carbon) line of wheels are built using their proprietary rims, they simply gave the hub manufacturing to someone else, a common practice done by most of wheel manufacturers. Surely something can be done to improve the stock hubs.

One of the popular choice to replace stock hubs on factory-built wheels is the R45 hub from Chris King. Their Ring Drive system provides almost instantaneous engagement while giving you that distinctive buzzing sound every time you coast.

The rim and hub are supplied by the owner. We provide the DT Swiss Competition spokes, double-butted stainless with brass nipples, laced in radial/two cross patterns to provide stiffness while maintaining durability and keeping the weight as low as possible.

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