Tuesday, February 18, 2014

1981 Basso - For Sale!

Whew, after a long while, finally a chance to start writing posts again! Don't worry, we're not shutting down during this blog's hiatus. If you're craving for instant updates from us, why not follow our mechanic on Instagram? See if you find something that you might found to be featured here someday. Hint: it's using both 26" and 20" wheels!
So to start again, here's a bicycle that we've built but not posted here yet. A classic frame built with mashup of old and new parts to give you modern performance but with classic feel, a 1981 Basso.

Basso is an Italian manufacturer of handmade road bicycles, founded in 1977 by the three Basso brothers: Marino, Renato and Alcide. Marino was the world professional road racing champion in 1972, while Alcide was a racer-turned-mechanic who took apprenticeship under the legendary builder, Ugo de Rosa. Please note that while sharing the same last name, Ivan Basso has no relation to this family. While Basso bicycles have been used by some celebrated racers, it has never had the publicity that comes from sponsoring a top pro team. The brothers also produced frames under the name Pogliaghi by the 1990's after having the name passed from Marc Rossin in the late 1980's.
We recognize the manufacturing year of this cream and blue Basso from the serial number stamped at the bottom bracket shell. Sporting classic lugged construction mated with brazed fork, the frame was made from Columbus Aelle tubing. This 54cm frameset alone costs around US$400 when we acquired it two years ago.

The first two numbers represents the manufacturing year.

We put mainly classic Shimano 105 parts to build this bicycle to enhance the classic look. That, and because that's all we have in hand by that moment. But since the rear hub was already retrofitted with 8-speed freehub budy, we thought, why not putting 10-speed cassette and shifters here? It will surely improves the performance, and you don't have to take your hands off the bar just to change the gears.

The wheels are 105 hubs laced to French-made Rigida DP-18 rims.

While Aelle doesn't have the racing history of other tubings on Columbus family such as SLX or MAX, the whole bicycle weighs 10,67kg or about 23lbs with Crankbrothers Eggbeater pedals installed.
This bicycle was originally built as proof of concept that we can mix and match Shimano parts from different eras, as long as they are compatible. If you're interested of owning this bicycle, give us a call.

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