Tuesday, February 12, 2013

PIAS Cycles x Pancalen Cycles: PIAS Scarab Prototype Builds

Step right up, step right up! It's been months since we first spilled the beans on the Sumvelo PIAS Cycles and Pancalen Cycles frame project collaboration. Now is the time for you to see them in real pictures, instead of vector graphics we pointed out before.
We made four prototypes with different sizes and colour schemes. The largest one with 54cm seat tube was not pictured here since it never reached Jakarta in the first place (it found its new home in Singapore). There are two 52cm prototypes here, one with yellow chainstays and the other with orange-and-blue chainstays. The one with white downtube is a small sized frame with 49cm seattube.

Just like what we mentioned before, the Scarab is designed with one goal in mind: to be a bicycle frame that can do almost anything. You will be able to build it with any configurations you want. Be it a cyclocross bike, as it was designed...

...an all-weather road bike, with fenders attached...

...or if you'd rather go around town with style, you might as well build it as a townie.

The Scarab is a disc brake specific frame. You can use any ordinary mountain bike hubs, or even a 29" wheels if you want to. The 135mm rear spacing enables you to use Shimano Alfine hubs, or any other internal geared hubs with the same OLDs and disc mount. The adjustable rear dropouts lets you run single chainring and cog without the need for chain tensioner. We also put loads of mounting eyelets for fenders and/or racks.

Without fenders, the Scarab will accepts tires up to 38mm in width. You might be able to cram wider tires, but then you'll ended up having less mud clearance.

The initial impression of these prototypes was good, but we're not resting on our laurels. We got a couple improvements for the final design that will be available for sale within a few months. If you like the colour scheme other than the brushed metal/yellow, that's too bad, because that's the one that made it to production. The Scarab will also available in one other scheme that we'll inform you later, along with the geometry numbers for those who liked to keep scores.


  1. membanggakan ya, punya salah satu dari protoytpe ini

  2. kapan buka pre-order pias scarab ini mas rangga panji?

  3. don't forget the standover height measurement please :D

  4. Still available or would it be in production again?