Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sumvelo x Pancalen Cycles: Wheelbuilds

The bean has been spilled, we got a couple good responses after last week's post. We're also excited waiting for the prototypes to arrive. Here's another sneak peek on the project, namely the wheels we'll be using.

The Scarab is designed around 135mm rear spacing and disc brakes. That means any ordinary 135mm mountain bike hubs with quick release will fit. Disc brake also means you can use any rim with non-machined sidewalls since you don't need any braking surface on them. Assuming you already have an unused pair of them taken off your street track bike, all you have to do is relace them to mountain bike disc hubs.
Seen on the previous picture is our first set of wheels, assembled from United 6-bolt hubset laced to Alex Rims DP-17 rims with Richman stainless steel double-butted spokes. The DP-17 have low, wider and rounded profile commonly found on cross-country wheels, so they're suitable for cyclocross tires. These wheels wouldn't be out of place on a 29" mountain bike.

The second set is Shimano Deore XT M775 hubset laced also with Richman double-butted spokes to Velocity Aerohead rims. Centerlock rotor mount is more practical and makes rotor installation or removal easier, but you'll end up with fewer rotor options compared to the 6-bolt rotor mount. Aerohead rims are narrower than DP-17 but they can still take 32c tires easily.

The last in our build list are also using United 6-bolt hubs, but laced to Velocity Deep-V rims with plain-gauge stainless spokes. Taller rim profile would make stronger wheels, but with added weight. Just like the other wheels, the rims are stripped off their decals to give them cleaner look. Of all the variety of hub colours available (depending on the brand of your choice), we pick pink for this one.

Getting more excited? Same here. Expect another good news later this month. Stay tuned!

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