Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Custom Rear Brake Mount for Track Frames

Most track frames doesn't come with rear brake mounts. If you curious of how did we install rear brake on a track frame as shown on yesterday's post, keep on reading!

Mad AutoCAD skillz, brah.

We browse around for track bike rear brake mount and found out that they are basically just a pair of simply designed steel plates to clamp the rear caliper to the seatstays (well, except for the beautifully made, yet expensive, Kimori track brake mount). Knowing this, why don't we made them ourselves? So we dust off our dormant computer drawing skill to create technical drawing that will be transfered to our laser cutter vendor. Few weeks later, these tiny little fellas showed up...

Those mounts are made from 4mm thick stainless steel plate for strength and durability. After some polishing and putting some clear frame-protecting stickers on its surface, here's the track adaptor in action.

One thing to be noticed if you want to use this method: make sure you're using long reach brake calipers (47-57mm reach, as opposed to commonly found 39-49mm reach) or your brakepads won't reach the rim braking surfaces. By the way, we still have two more pairs of these stainless adaptors, contact us if you're interested!

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