Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wheelbuild: Tune Mag 170 to Campagnolo Victory Tubular

There’s always a first time for everything, including in wheelbuilding. I remember building my first expensive wheel back then, a Phil Wood hub laced to Velocity Deep-V rim (well, maybe not that expensive, but at that moment those things would left a serious hole on your wallet). This time it’s an extra lightweight Tune rear hub laced to Campagnolo Victory tubular rim.

Tune is a German company with specialty in making lightweight components and replacement parts to make existing bike parts even lighter. Mag is the name of Tune’s rear hub series, available in freehub body spline configuration compatible for either Shimano/SRAM or Campagnolo cassette.

Extraordinary light at around 172 grams, building the Mag 170 hub to low profile tubular specific Campagnolo Victory rim would make a great climbing wheel. This was the case since the wheel would then be paired with 12-27T Campagnolo Chorus 11-speed cassette. Richman double-butted stainless spokes are laced with 3-cross pattern, and the hub’s asymmetrical flange diameters needs 299mm spokes on the non-drive side and 297mm on the drive side. Too bad we haven’t got a chance to weigh the finished build.

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