Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mr. Felly's Gitane Time Trial

This bike is  a 90s time trial machine I built for Mr. Felly Imransyah of Rocket Company, and it took me a whole year to source parts and finish.

Always synonymous with French bicycle racing, Gitane Bicycles (Cycles Gitane) have long history of race domination with 11 Tours de France, 2 Giro d'Italias, Vuelta a'Espana, numerous World Championships on the road and on the track, and at least one land speed record. The company is also one of other manufacturers to introduce the first truly affordable lightweight racing bicycles to the American public.

The frame was brought from UK by Velodome, and ended up in Rocket Company's storage since the first day it was opened last year. Originally intended to be built as a fixed gear bike, we saw that it would be more appropriate if we built it as it was intended to. After initial build concept with modern 7900 Dura Ace was rejected, classic parts such as the front 650c Spinergy Rev-X, Campagnolo Strada crankset and rear Shamal wheel (alright, I know, not that classic), Cinelli saddle and 3T Moscow keeps coming to Mr. Felly's collection, so I guess it will be appropriate to complement it with classic Campagnolo parts as well. The brief was to make it as classic as possible without having to broke the bank, so the hunt was aimed to NOS Campagnolo Victory and Triomphe parts.

Victory rear derailer, matched with Triomphe front derailer.
Hourglass-shaped Shamal hub, retaining the sleek classic look.
Victory friction downtube shifter, providing smooth shifting to the rear 9-speed cassette.
Victory pedal sets, complete with toe clips. The original blue toe straps didn't match with the rest of the bike,
so it was replaced with the more appropriate white Campagnolo Record leather straps.

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