Monday, July 27, 2015

Wheelbuild: Stan's Notubes Grail to Hope Pro 2 Evo

Being a small operation, we're not blessed with massive parts inventory. While we can source parts to suit your specific needs, if you want to have your wheels built as soon as we can, we're limited with what we've already have in shop. But sometimes, when the stars are aligned and the moon shines unobstructed by the clouds, we met with customers who brought in their own parts to be built. This is one of the examples.

The term gravel riding could be considered the buzzword of the recent years, along with enduro and Caitlyn Jenner. With plethora of tubeless-ready 700c tires cropping up, such as the Vee Tire's CXV, having a flatproof setup that you can ran on extraordinary low pressure on your gravel grinder is an easy task to do if you have tubeless-ready rims like these Stan's Notubes Grail.

Designed with 700c frames in mind, these 20mm-wide rims enables you to run 23mm to 32mm tires, or even more. Laced to Hope's beautifully machined Hope Pro 2 Evo hubs with Sapim's mountain bike-dedicated D-Light double butted spokes, these wheels will take the owner exploring places, and back.

These 2.0/1.65/2.0mm double butted spokes are rated to 1,370N/mm2. We tensioned them to around 1,200N.

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