Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New Cyclocross Spot at Serpong

It was just like any usual Monday until Ochie posted something on Instagram. The view was amazing, a patch of empty grass field with tracks marked with yellow ribbons. A quick search through the Google Maps and we find out that it was located here. Always eager to try something new, we managed to made an appointment with a few friends to give it a little taste.

The next Sunday, only three of us showed up: yours truly, Andira of Sumvelo and the winner from last June's exhibition race, Nala Satmowi. Nala brought his race-winning Masi CX, I brought my Suntour that was recently built as singlespeed cyclocross rig, while other than his Masi CX Uno Andira also brought his Origin-8 Scout29 rigid singlespeed.
Soon we're getting inside the lot. Apparently the yellow markers are leftovers from previous MTB cross-country race. The track was short, with few technical sections that's still manageable on cyclocross bikes. Doesn't take long before everyone's having a blast.
Unfortunately for me, the 50/19T gearing I was using on my Suntour was too tall for the course so I borrow Andira's Scout29. After a couple of laps, I get my camera ready and go for a couple shots.


Everyone's having fun, including Andira that later admits this is his first experience of riding cyclocross bike off the road.

Going home with sore legs because of the gearing that's too tall, I promised myself someday I will tackle this course, be it with Meneer Groen or with the Scarab. I'll be back fore sure!

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  1. yeaaaahhhhh,, SCARAB!! cant hardly wait!!