Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fuji Boulevard: Bring Back The Shine

This is the first project ever to roll out of our new workshop, and also the first city bike project ever. This Fuji Boulevard is an example of how nostalgic memories can be shared between a bicycle and its owner.

This bike was abandoned for years, and the project brief was as simple as to get this mid-eighties city bike up and running. The owner told us to replace every parts necessary, as long as we don't mess with a sticker put on the top of the seattube. Nothing special about the sticker, except that it has "University of Colorado Parking Permit" written on it. So this bike was used to go to college abroad. Since we cannot leave that area unpainted, we decided just to clean and polish the original paint surface anyway.
As you can see from the previous picture, the bicycle was completely covered in muck and grime everywhere. At first we thought that the hubs are totally rusted and need to be replaced. But later we find out that the hub was a pair of aluminium Sanshins, so after the Ukai rims are completely stripped off the rusty spokes out come the metal polisher. 36 new straight gauge stainless spokes later, here's the result.

After thorough inspection we find out that the old 2 x 6-speed Suntour drivetrain was in operating condition, all it needs are new set of Jagwire L3 cables and chain. So does the Dia-Compe single pivot brakes and levers, we fit new Baradine brakepads and L3 cables on them. The Nitto bar and stem came out nicely after some metal polishing, and so does the Sugino double chainring crankset that features built-in chain cover. The original MKS pedals still rotates smoothly, too.

Yay friction tumbshifters!
Hand-polishing pedals is by far the most time-consuming job ever. Look at the details.
The plastic-laminated aluminium fenders are also in a good shape, except for the bent and rusty fender struts. So out come the metal working tools, and few hours later a set of new fender struts was born.

All in all, most of the original parts are still retained. Rotten tires are replaced with 26 x 1,50 Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires with reflective sidewall. Broken sidestand was also replaced. It goes to show that with perfect tools and some elbow grease, we can bring back the shine of an old steed and once again, relive the old memories.

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