Wednesday, July 27, 2011

PIAS Project: Built Pictures

So today all four of the PIAS prototypes arrived at Rocket Company to be built. If you read our previous post you might already know that the prototypes comes in two models and in two sizes for each model, 53cm and 55cm.

Here's what the fork looks like using 23c tires. Stuff 'em up with 28c tires if you want more comfort.
The first one built was what's known as Prototype 53A, the one with investment cast dropout and level toptube tested by the one and only Ochiew from FixedForwardJKT. Just can't wait any longer, we slapped a 1" threaded headset, stripped off wheels and parts from his own Leader 722TR, snatched a couple of parts laying abandoned the shop and put them in this chrome grey colored 53cm frame.

Seen here with Nitto Jaguar and riser from Rocket Company's legendary Mr. Mad. Not a big fan of riser, it was soon replaced with a mini bullhorn.
With Sugino RD2 crankset, Phil Wood bottom bracket, Phil Wood high flange track hubs laced to Velocity Aeros and some parts pictured here, the bike weighs around 9,26kg. The frameset itself tips the scale at 3,22kg. Not bad for a straight-gauged chromoly tubed frame.

The next is the 55cm sized frame with slightly forward-sloping toptube and laser-cut track ends known as Prototype 55B in dirty gold color, tested by Ippe from Cyclonesia. Built with a set of Mavic Ellipse and some NJS-certified parts, the whole bike tips the scale at 9,14kg.

Blame my cellphone camera for those crappy pictures. Jonathan Edwin from Rocket Company sums up the beauty of those four builds in this picture.

Head on to Sumvelo's blog to see more of Edwin's beautiful shots. Make sure you see them in person this Wednesday at Fixed Film Festival 2011!

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